ICAP Global Charity Day Event

ICAP Global Charity Day Event

For the fourth year running Escape were asked to design & produce ICAP’s annual Charity Day Event at their head offices in Broadgate, City of London.

The event was opened the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who entered on a long walkway of purple carpet, no doubt a welcome change from the usual red!

A heady mix of royalty, VIPs and celebrities were invited to get on the phones and close deals on behalf of the brokers. By donating all their global revenues and commissions on just one day ICAP help a diverse range of over 200 charities worldwide. All the ICAP staff made a massive effort with mind-boggling fancy dress costumes – a seriously competitive business, but a lot of fun!

The Brief: To create a vibrant design for the interior and exterior to reflect the carnival atmosphere of the day and echo the eye catching red and purple spiral logo.

We used HD floor vinyls detailing the logo to guide guests towards the venue. An elegant purple carpet installed across the entrance lead seamlessly into the heart of the venue. Huge clusters of red balloons and ribbons flanked the entrance, with a step and repeat to the left (for the all important photo opportunity) and a large swarm of paparazzi on the right.

To create an impact in the interior of the building a 15 metre high tent of purple and red chiffon was rigged from the eight storey atrium. This coordinated with the logo in both colour and form and provided a stunning backdrop for the event.

At the apex of the tent were a cluster a giant interior lit purple balloons and at the base hundreds of p-lights encapsulated the balcony and enhanced the circus like design.

On the sixth floor we created a VIP bar and lounge with seamless walls of purple light and red diamante, where guests could relax after their hard work on the trading floor.

ICAP’s Charity Day was a vibrant and spirited event with a truly festive atmosphere. We were very happy to be a part of the day!

Hunters & Frankau 225th Anniversary Party

Hunters & Frankau 225th Anniversary Party

The Brief: To be asked to design for a company as traditional as Hunters & Frankau for their 225th Anniversary was very special indeed.

The challenge was to make the existing gazebo/marquee in Belgrave Square as elegant as possible for their high profile clients. Photos below show how we transformed the space.

Every leg inside the marquee was wrapped in hessian with palm fronds at the top and beautifully lit with p-lights and the outer legs were all hung with light chiffon which billowed lightly in the very gentle evening breeze, flowers included Jemma Freeman The Managing Directors favourite, the Peonie along with Gelder & Burnt Orange Roses.

At any outside event the weather is crucial so we were very happy that it was a beautiful warm evening.

Cocktails flowed, oysters, salmon and canapés looked at their best but the main event was of course the cigars which included two new additions, the Hunters & Frankau Anniversario 225 as well as a preview of the UK Regional Edition 2015 ‘Bolivar Belgravia’ and the Montecristo Media Coronas along with a rum made exclusively for Hunters & Frankau’s by Havana Club.

A perfect evening!

More about this event on Hunters & Frankau website

Pandora Rose Collection Launch

Pandora Rose Collection Launch

The Brief: To Design the perfect setting for the London Press Launch of Pandora’s Rose Gold Collection

Using over two thousand luscious peonies and vintage roses we created a installation, within a classic Georgian setting, which was fragrant as well as beautiful!

Guests entered under a rose archway and proceeded up to the first floor lounge where they were greeted by clouds of pink peonies and roses suspended from the ceiling, uplit in dusky pink and pale gold to echo the colours used in the new collection.

Whist viewing Pandora’s Rose Collection guests were invited to sip pink champagne in the comfortable lounge and have a professional manicure or their photograph taken in front of the step & repeat, framed with (you’ve guessed it) masses of roses!

An enchanting installation to create – the classic English rose & ballerina like peonie at their best!

Chelsea in Bloom Competition / Pandora: Kings Rd store

Chelsea in Bloom Competition / Pandora: Kings Rd store

EVENT : Chelsea in Bloom Competition / Pandora: Kings Rd store

We were thrilled to be asked by Pandora to create a floral window display for the 10th anniversary of the Chelsea in Bloom competition at their store on the Kings Road

This prestigious annual floral art show is produced by the Cadogan Estate, in association with the Royal Horticultural Society and invites the areas best retailers to adorn their shop fronts with creative displays in conjunction with the week of the Chelsea Flower show.

This year’s chosen theme was Fairy Tales – and with that in mind we created a vibrant window display based on the classic story of Beauty & the Beast.

Using masses of velvety red roses offset against hot pinks, glass bell jars, soft moss, logs and vintage books the store windows were transformed – and attracted the admiration of many passers by!

Our thanks to Pandora for the opportunity to take part in this exciting event!


Deco Marquee

Deco Marquee

The Brief: To create the event within an indoor equestrian sand school for a party of 500 guests with a unique Deco design.

The entrance walkway was lit with tubular lights with a wonderful water feature, combined with a stunning vibrant pink carpet – what a way to arrive at a party!

An outdoor covered area was created for guests to escape to, open to the elements on one side. This had it’s own bar and all the furniture was selected for it’s pure Deco style.

All the walls in the first section of the marquee we covered in different types of fabric, colours & widths creating the effect of a painted wall. It was time consuming to make, but well worth it.

To disguise the fact that the marquee had another section ‘ The Nightclub ‘we used the same fabric panelling for the sliding doors.

Rhubarb Food Design created the food for the evening.
Berry Marquees
Flowers were all designed by TBR Floral Design Ltd.
Ice box – The tulip Ice Sculpture c/o. Philip Hughes.

Male Parisian pole dancers & Sumo wrestling provided  the entertainment

This was a wonderful design to create and the production was extremely exciting.

Great Gatsby @ One Marylebone

Great Gatsby @ One Marylebone

The Brief: To capture the essence of Gatsby’s Home, for 500 guests.

The main feature to be included was a pool with a stage centred in the middle for the Dixie Ticklers band.

Albert Hall Dance floors provided a wonderful blue, mirrored finish dance floor to look exactly like a real pool with stone balustrades surrounding it, the perfect space for dancing the night away.

Palm trees were created on all the existing pillars wound with diamante garlands.

The Vegas Show Girls, Champagne Aerialists, Paparazzi Machines, Champagne Fountains and a Living Mirrored Bar, provided the entertainment.

A party in the pure Gatsby style.

Pandora Mothers Day 2015

Pandora Mothers Day 2015

A very special day for Pandora with all flowers designed by Escape

We were asked to design the space in pale pinks & white which worked really well with a touch of gold in the tassels.

Table Talk provided the tea & cakes and an artist was brought in to capture the Mother & Daughter relationship.

Everyone attending had a lovely day

Desert Heart – Namibian Conservation 10th Anniversary

Desert Heart – Namibian Conservation 10th Anniversary

This charity is dear to our hearts and we have been designing the party for years at the same venue.

This year was a special year as it was their 10th Anniversary

The artist Tobias Rehberger had just painted the boat in a dazzle camouflage to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, which looked fantastic.

We have included some before & after photos in the gallery below to show the transformation.