Hunters & Frankau 225th Anniversary Party

Hunters & Frankau 225th Anniversary Party

The Brief: To be asked to design for a company as traditional as Hunters & Frankau for their 225th Anniversary was very special indeed.

The challenge was to make the existing gazebo/marquee in Belgrave Square as elegant as possible for their high profile clients. Photos below show how we transformed the space.

Every leg inside the marquee was wrapped in hessian with palm fronds at the top and beautifully lit with p-lights and the outer legs were all hung with light chiffon which billowed lightly in the very gentle evening breeze, flowers included Jemma Freeman The Managing Directors favourite, the Peonie along with Gelder & Burnt Orange Roses.

At any outside event the weather is crucial so we were very happy that it was a beautiful warm evening.

Cocktails flowed, oysters, salmon and canapés looked at their best but the main event was of course the cigars which included two new additions, the Hunters & Frankau Anniversario 225 as well as a preview of the UK Regional Edition 2015 ‘Bolivar Belgravia’ and the Montecristo Media Coronas along with a rum made exclusively for Hunters & Frankau’s by Havana Club.

A perfect evening!

More about this event on Hunters & Frankau website

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