Deco Marquee

Deco Marquee

The Brief: To create the event within an indoor equestrian sand school for a party of 500 guests with a unique Deco design.

The entrance walkway was lit with tubular lights with a wonderful water feature, combined with a stunning vibrant pink carpet – what a way to arrive at a party!

An outdoor covered area was created for guests to escape to, open to the elements on one side. This had it’s own bar and all the furniture was selected for it’s pure Deco style.

All the walls in the first section of the marquee we covered in different types of fabric, colours & widths creating the effect of a painted wall. It was time consuming to make, but well worth it.

To disguise the fact that the marquee had another section ‘ The Nightclub ‘we used the same fabric panelling for the sliding doors.

Rhubarb Food Design created the food for the evening.
Berry Marquees
Flowers were all designed by TBR Floral Design Ltd.
Ice box – The tulip Ice Sculpture c/o. Philip Hughes.

Male Parisian pole dancers & Sumo wrestling provided  the entertainment

This was a wonderful design to create and the production was extremely exciting.

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